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God gave them over!

Scripture reading for November 16th: Romans 1-3

My wife and I have raised 5 children and discipline has not been easy.  Children are born with a sin-nature and self-will.  Part of the job of parenting is to set boundaries and instruct them in wise choices.   We wanted them to enjoy God’s blessing and favor and avoid the traps of sin and destruction that fill our world.

Initially, God makes Himself known to all men through nature.  (Romans 1:20)  The truth about God as creator is evident to all who will pay attention to the marvelous detail and order of our earth and universe.   But godlessness and wickedness cause men to suppress the truth about God as creator and God’s wrath against their willful ignorance is set in motion.

As a result of suppressing the truth about God that was made clear to them by God through nature, men become darkened in their hearts and their thinking becomes futile and empty.  They imagine themselves as the center of all things and think they are wise and intelligent.  This foolish thinking leaves God out and puts man at the center of everything.  When man chooses this route,  God’s response is to give them over to what they desire in their darkened hearts.  “Have it your way!” might be another way to say it!

As a result of being given over, men exchange the truth of God for a lie and begin to worship created things rather than the creator.  (Romans 1:25)  They pursue sexual immorality and sin.  Their immorality takes the form of homosexuality and lesbian activity.  Every kind of sin and wickedness flows from God simply withdrawing His light from their minds because they chose to ignore truth!  Those who are  ‘given over’ not only participate in this wickedness but honor others who also practice this same kind of wickedness!  (Romans 1:32)

As we look at our nation, we can understand why we are in such sad shape.  Because many have suppressed the knowledge of God, He has given them over to their own lusts and darkness.  Sexual sins are off the charts and many do not blush at their own participation.  Their consciences are seared.  They encourage others to join them and vote into office those who will make their sins legal.     Lord, have mercy on our nation!  How we need the power of the Gospel to break the chains of selfishness and sin!

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