Consequences of a lack of honor!

Scripture reading for February 17th:  Mark 6

God deserves honor because of who He is!  Jesus Christ was and is the Son of God, and because of who He is, deserves to be honored.  When Jesus visited His hometown of Nazareth with the disciples, people began to judge Jesus by what they knew of Him.  They knew Him as a “carpenter” and as “Mary’s son”.  (Mark 6:2-3)  This reference to “Mary’s son” probably referred to the fact that they knew that Joseph married his wife when she was already pregnant.  This brought a sense of shame and illegitimacy.  They also knew His brothers and sisters by name.

We can define someone by their job or title and really not know them.  We can also define someone by their family lineage and miss who they really are.  This was the case with Jesus Christ!  “Jesus said to them, “Only in His hometown, among His relatives and in His own house is a prophet without honor.”   He could not do any miracles there, except lay His hands on a few sick people and heal them.  And He was amazed at their lack of faith.”  (Mark 6:4-5)

The humility to know Jesus Christ as God’s Son comes from revelation by God.  To receive this revelation, we must not be critical of judgmental, but humble and teachable.  As we look at the miracles that Jesus was able to do elsewhere, humility of those needing the miracle is evident.  Jairus, the synagogue ruler, fell at Jesus’ feet and pleaded earnestly with Him to come and heal his daughter.  (Mark 5:22-23)  The woman with the issue of blood honored Jesus by just touching the hem of His garment.  (Mark 5:29)  Each receive their miracle by honoring Jesus!  If you need a miracle, honor Jesus by humble worship and prayer in faith!

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