Be careful how you hear!

Scripture reading for February 13th:  Mark 4

Jesus was a great teacher, and still is!  He used stories of ordinary things and daily events that taught spiritual truths to those who had “ears to hear”.  (Mark 4:22)  He taught the multitudes through the use of these stories called “parables” and revealed deeper truth to His followers.  (Mark 4:2)  The parable of the sower is recorded in the first three Gospels and gives a foundation for all the parables told by Jesus.  (Mark 4:13)  Having ears to hear is more than just having a physical part of your body that works!   Hearing these stories requires a heart that is open to truth and a willingness to believe Jesus as the Son of God.

In the story of the sower, Jesus revealed the secret of the kingdom of God.  He was the Sower that sowed the good seed of God’s Word.  Those who heard were like the various kinds of soil that the seed fell on.  Some soil was hard like the paths used for walking and transporting goods.  This soil could not receive the seed and birds ate it up, yielding no crop.  Other soil was rocky and shallow, and the seed sprouted but could not sustain growth because of no roots.  Other soil contained seeds of weeds, which grew along with God’s Word, but the weeds of worry, deceitfulness of wealth, and worldly desires choked it out.  Finally, some seed fell on good soil.  Here the Word produced a crop for eternal life!

Jesus speaks to us today, “Consider carefully what you hear,” He continued.  “With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you–and even more. Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.”  (Mark 4:24-25)


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