Gentile Pentecost

Scripture reading for November 10th: Acts 10-12

Have you ever struggled to understand what God was doing? In this section of Acts, the Apostle Peter needed a vision from the Lord to help him overcome an area of prejudice that came from his Jewish upbringing and religion.  Sometimes we have been taught bad doctrine but God knows how to straighten us out again.

A man named Cornelius had a vision of an angel of God who spoke his name plainly!  (Acts 10:3)  The angel told him that his prayers and gifts to the poor had come before the Lord.   He was told to send for a man named Simon Peter.  God also gave a vision to Peter while he was on the roof praying.  In this vision he saw a sheet with all kind of animals, reptiles, and birds of the air.  A voice told him to get up, kill, and eat!  Peter protested to the Lord that he had never eaten anything unclean.  The voice spoke a second time warning him not to call anything impure that God had made clean.  This had happened three times when the men who came from Cornelius knocked on the door. The Spirit told Peter to go with them.

The next day, Peter entered the house of a Gentile, something a good Jew would never do.  Cornelius told him about his vision and why he sent for him.  He invited Peter to speak to them all.    As Peter shared the Gospel, the Holy Spirit came upon them and they all began to speak in tongues just like on the day of Pentecost!  Peter and all the Jews with him were amazed at what God had done and they baptized these new believers in water.

God knows how to reach people who are hungry for more!  He will work with sincere believers to help them with truth.  He recognized these Gentiles for their prayers, gifts to the poor and seeking of God.  Their works came before the Lord and He acted to send them a person who could help them understand Him more fully.  He gave the same Holy Spirit to the Gentiles as those on the day of Pentecost.  Spend time in prayer today seeking the Lord for clarity and new direction!  You can have a new Pentecost today!

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