Seed for eternal life!

Scripture reading for October 9th: Matthew 12-15

Jesus used parables to speak to multitudes of people.  The knowledge of the kingdom of heaven is hidden from those with hard hearts and closed ears.  Their attitudes blind them to truth that God wants to reveal to them.  (Proverbs 14:6)  (Matthew 13:11-15)  Parables are stories about life that all people could relate to and be able to understand naturally.  Jesus ended many of these stories with: ‘if you have ears, listen!”.  (Matthew 13:8)  The listening that Jesus encouraged was spiritual and revealed truth about the kingdom.

As a former Iowa farmer, the parable of the sower always fascinated me.  Jesus described a farmer scattering his seed and it fell on different types of soil.  Some fell on the path and birds ate it up immediately.  Some fell on rocky soil, and sprouted quickly but died out.  Some fell among the weeds and was choked out.  Most of the seed went to the good ground and yielded a crop of various multiplication.  This simple story that would have been very familiar to everyone in that culture held some spiritual understanding for those with ears to hear!

Jesus went on to explain the meaning to his followers.  (Matthew 13:19-23)  Those who heard the word but did not understand it were like the seed on the path.  The evil one came along and stole it before it could produce or even sprout.  The rocky soil represented those who initially heard the word but have no depth of heart.  The word died out before a crop could grow.  The seed among the weeds were those who received the word, but the cares of this life and deceitfulness of riches choked it out.  Those who heard the word and put it into practice were like the good soil, producing a crop that multiplies!

God is the farmer and He has commissioned us to sow His word in the soils of hearts.  Is the crop of eternal life growing in you?  If so, are you deepening your heart’s soil so the roots go down?   Are you keeping the weeds out?  Is the crop bringing an increase?  Could it be greater?  God has blessed the seed and wants to multiply it through you!

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